is left in Cassio’s lodgings by Iago, which makes He has faced and defeated his enemies. I’m glad it is dark so you cannot see me blush. Loutherbourg develops the concept of the sublime revolved around the relationship between human beings and the grand or terrifying aspects of nature. The writer Horace Walpole (1717-97) was the first to establish a link between the two; his obsession with his beloved miniature castle at Strawberry Hill was the inspiration for The Castle of Otranto (1764), and its subtitle, ‘A Gothic Story’, marks the first time that the term was used in a literary context. Philautia is not a selfish form of love as in order to care for others, you need to be able to care about yourself. This refers to thinking and wondering too much and trying to justify events at a very individualistic level rather than seeing them rationally. the links of the chain of being They were fixed, there was no mobility from one ring to the next. The Mariner and his fellow shipmates are hardly characters in any dramatic sense. Look at picture 1 on page 82. The adverbs are ‘healthily’ (line 4), ‘calmly’ (line 5), ‘gradually’ (line 10), ‘wisely’ (line 13), ‘gently’ (line 16), ‘cunningly’ (line 19), ‘slowly’ (line 19), ‘cautiously’ (lines 22-23), ‘boldly’ (line 27), ‘courageously’ (line 27), ‘scarcely’ (line 33), ‘steadily’ (line 39). 2nd section (lines 5-8): From the passage of time He poisons himself. R, Good pilgrim, you do wrong your hand too much. raising their own armies. Where does Paradise Lost take place? Why did Milton choose the epic form for his masterpiece? 14th October 1066. Jealousy and murderous passion link Othello to his wife. main representative: Henry Fielding with his Othello uses poetry with an elevated tone while the prose of Iago contrasts with Othello’s sonorous poetry: his ‘voice’ is intellectual, controlled, cynical and brutal. what covers Lady Macbeth’s hands in her imagination; Duncan’s blood. He could scatter his words among mankind. Where do stem cells come from? How did the men try to help Jonathan? Tick as appropriate. He has a very pragmatic and individualistic outlook. Point out the differences between England and Europe as regards the new scientific spirit. the doomed love of two young people. Pointof view, A lengthy and complex piece of prose witha series of events and characters. Say what characters, besides the narrator, appear in the story. They are often given indirectly, hidden in a question or a metaphor. Restoration life: Theatres, race-courses and taverns re-opened; fashion and gossip replaced religious debate; rejection of strict morality in favour of a more rational interest in the real, present world, rather than a concentration on the life of the soul. Find other words connected with trade. his feelings; He is at first shocked and then desperate. World. from individual responsibility expecting and relying They built castles to demonstrate and keep their power. the fathers of the English novel; Daniel Defoe and Samuel Richardson. How do we know? What are the two elements balanced in the Paris Agreement? A It reveals some aspects of the characters’ personality. How are man, nature and poetry interrelated, according to the poet? 1st section: From ‘In the late 1780s’ to ‘the Regency (1811-20)’. It is a scheme to abolish all words. She wrote about the oldest England, based on the possession of land, parks and country houses; in her stories people from different counties get married as a result of the growing social mobility. The traditional portrayals of Jews as villains, mocked or marginalised. A ritual site, a large, enclosed space in southwest England used by the Pre-Celtic population both for ceremonies and for defence. The relation between ‘appearance and reality’. Shelley’s essay A Defence of Poetry is where his belief in nature and the function of poetry is expressed most fully. What did the American independence lead to in literature? Who is the narrator? White skin was fashionable in Tudor times since it was what distinguished the rich from the poor. The goodness and generosity of the Creator. Why? Can you give examples of images used to present the queen? what he tells the audience at the end. The House Austen had no place for great passions; her real concern was with people, and the analysis of character and conduct. That he is not mad (lines 4-5). It introduces the theme that expectation is better than fulfilment, which is, for the poet, a betrayal of potential. There is sometimes the insertion of allegorical scenes, songs, music and dances, as well as magical transformations. In the first act Romeo uses the image of light typical of courtly love: when he first sees Juliet, he compares her to the brilliant light of the torches that illuminate the Capulets’ great hall. Industrial labour imposed new work patterns: long working hours were about 65-70 a week. He certainly drew on anti-Semitic prejudice but at the same time he included elements that radically unsettle that prejudice. What was she like? The human mind at birth = A tabula rasa (a blank slate). Defoe shows that, though God is the prime cause of everything, the individual can shape his destiny through action. What is the meaning of the verb ‘To plead’ (line 12)? She cannot sing during the service. livello b1 b 2 / pagina 1 . His main achievement was to get people to realise that history was not just a list of political and religious events, but the product of human decisions. It is still considered relevant because it is a cornerstone of the individual liberties that we enjoy today and a foundation of democracy as well. The idea of having been chosen by God is underlined by the fact that he feels happy even though he is completely alone. 4th paragraph: Gulliver meets an ingenious architect who builds houses by beginning from the roof. The judge tells her it is too late and that Geordie will be hanged. It is possible to infer the woman’s submission to her husband, her loss of freedom and independence after her marriage and the habits for a married couple of showing themselves around. Women in conjunction with the vulgar and illiterate. Various grammatical structures are used, a series of infinite forms (‘To be, or not to be’ is followed by ‘to suffer’, ‘to take arms’, ‘To die, to sleep’, ‘to say’, ‘To die to sleep’, ‘To sleep’, ‘to dream’) gives voice to Hamlet’s uncertainty and enables him to distance himself from the action. The three most important characters of the novel are Walton, Dr Frankenstein and the monster. confrontation led to the Petition of Right of 1628, Yes, the only law was that they had to work for bread. Our digital library spans in multiple He saved himself by holding tight onto a rock. It is regretful and caring. The players and tale are so effective because Macbeth itself is a tale told by players, and though also not real, it presumably has the audience’s rapt attention at this point! Highlighted in pink: refrain Why are the characters of the ballad more types than human beings? barons, knights, clergy and townspeople organised Scotland, the king was forced to summon the socalled Short Parliament in 1640, which refused As a result, Caliban was subdued by Prospero’s way of life and civilisation. con espansione online: 2, esercizi svolti … A slave. What are the most important characteristics of Milton’s style? Death: In 1820 the symptoms of tuberculosis became evident in Keats. Highlighted in yellow: third-person narration, Highlighted in green: description of Mr Bennet’s character, Highlighted in pink: description of Mrs Bennet’s character, Highlighted in blue: themes of wealth, social status and marriage, Highlighted in orange: Lizzy is her father’s favourite because she is more lively. Possessive adjectives: ‘our’ (lines 2, 12, 14). He does not surrender even though his condition is very hard (lines 3-4, 9-12). Setting: mysterious abbeys and convents with hidden passages and dungeons; isolated castles; ruins; night-time, Narrative technique: complex plots; embedded narratives, Characters: the wanderer or outcast in perpetual exile; heroine afflicted with unreal terrors and persecuted by a villain; supernatural beings (monsters, vampires, ghosts), Setting: upper and middle levels of society; generally in the English countryside, Narrative technique: third-person narrator; dialogue as the main narrative mode; use of irony, Characters: the country gentry and the urban upper-middle class, Themes: marriage as social and economic status; the complications of love and friendship; money and property; decorum and propriety, Setting: historical context, particularly the period of the Middle Ages, Narrative technique: mix of historical truths and fiction; Sir Walter Scott: extensive use of Scottish dialect to celebrate the glorious past of the country and its independence from England; Alessandro Manzoni: no regional inflections to create a national consciousness, Themes: national identity; history as the product of human decisions. sovereignty was established ‘peacefully’ includes The word ‘monster’ comes from the Latin monstrum and means an exceptional phenomenon, prodigy or wonder. His decision is to let his partner go in order to What was her first post about? How did he behave the following morning? the emigration of many dissenters to the New What caused him to feel like this? If the poet manages to rely on this negative capability, he can find sensations, which are the basis of knowledge leading to beauty and truth. Juliet’s dress is adorned with a pair of wings. Underline it. property on the way people treat each other, themes: marriage and the complications of love Setting, A person represented in a story. ‘Sleep no more! Who disguises herself as a lawyer? What do you think they represent? What was the hill fort in picture 2 like? They are the right of countries to develop and the need to protect the planet. During Work experiences: He becomes the owner of a plantation in Brazil. 5th section: From ‘The mad George III’ to ‘public order’. Elsinore. This is all connected with the themes of equivocation and false appearances. However, she is also an unconventional female character as she expresses her love vividly and through concrete images. Its body may be that of a snake with the scales of a fish it may have feet or wings and occasionally the head of a bird or a lion. Their being death-pale. Can you find any similarities between Bobby’s life and a nightmare? The contrast between the dark background and The wildest exotic natural landscapes reflected the feelings of the isolated man. The time and locality were usually mentioned in the dialogue. Tick the characteristics of the old ballad form it contains. Analyse the terms of the metaphor in line 8. It is told through journals and fragments of letters. The story focuses on the narrator’s personality and provides information about his feelings and the way his mind works. Underline the two occasions - one of which is external to the narration, while the other is a sort of comment. No, he does not. Ring all the ‘w’ and ‘s’ sounds in stanza II. Lust is a temporary passionate sexual desire involving the increased release of chemicals such as testosterone and oestrogen, whereas in true love the brain can release a whole set of chemicals: pheromones, dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin, oxytocin and vasopressin. When he and his wife came back to England, they realised their marriage was not working and separated. Re-order the phrases. since she tries to separate Romeo’s name, that Thus the king or the queen became the symbol of stability and unity, and the murder of the king/queen was considered as an act against nature which would lead to chaos and disorder. Per accedere agli esercizi di livello avanzato (B2… He is, like Robinson Crusoe, one of the practical seamen through whom England started to rule the seas. misfortunes but generally manages to escape How was the count holding her? Nel libro Culture: approfondimento o analisi critica di aspetti relativi alla cultura dei diversi periodi storico-sociali. ‘He’ (the Creator) = ‘a lamb’ → ‘a child’ = ‘I’ (the poet). Lines 17-18. Parliament, which refused to give him the For example it is a serpent born asexually from a rooster’s egg, by the transformation of an animal or by the joint generation of a worm and a metal. In The Armada Portrait the queen’s hand rests on a globe, which symbolises England’s greatness as a world power. Tick as appropriate. Cromwell took the New Model Army to Ireland for a campaign of repression which culminated in the slaughter of the citizens of Drogheda. In 1554 she married Philip II of Spain The world needs to move away from fossil fuels and look for fairer, safer alternatives. ‘solitude’ (line 4), Which countries did she visit before returning to London? libri scontati Performer B2. It represents a guide for survival and repentance. Suggestion: Jane Austen is regarded as the master of the novel of manners. His desperation seems to have overwhelmed him. Audiences began to enjoy pantomime, a kind of ballad opera, a mixture of political satire, picaresque adventures and love interest. Four authentic Cambridge Assessment English examination papers for the B2 First exam. Stephen 1135-1154 Henry married Elizabeth of York, Edward IV’s daughter, thus uniting the two roses, and became king as Henry VII. were usually worn by the aristocracy. The society he creates on the island: It is not an alternative to the English one; on the contrary, it can be read as an exaltation of 18th-century England and its ideals of mobility, material productiveness and individualism. Conclusion By warming the lovers, the sun warms the whole world. He was very polite to the old man and continued to carry out his duties asking the man how he had spent the night (lines 26-30). He prepared a new prayer book that was sent to all churches during Edward VI’s reign. What is the moral of the story? introduced by repetition: Lord Randal is asked Per le Scuole superiori. In September of the same year he travelled to Italy in an effort to recover his health but died in Rome in February 1821. Is this solitude similar to the loneliness of the first stanza? of the Protestant Reformation, religious services Violet words: jealousy corroding Iago Orange words: Iago’s desire of revenge Brown words: Iago’s plan to manipulate Othello Blue words: Iago’s aim to destroy Othello Highlighted in green: Iago’s decision to make Othello mad Lilac words: the rhyme of the final couplet underlines the passage from Othello’s madness to Iago’s confusion Red dots: litotes Wavy line: metaphor for Emilia’s honour. achieved a peace treaty with Spain Nationality: Scottish Esercizi livello A1-A2/Exercises level A1-A2. courtly love They used English instead of Latin in their writings. He has experience of the world and he fully supports the culture which has produced him. Define the tone of these lines referring to the Prioress. After Becket’s murder, Henry II Beowulf has freed Heorot from Grendel’s menace. What was his mood? damnation. the Luddites; Named after their leader Ned Ludd, the rioters smashed the new machines which they believed had taken their work away. free from the influence of social conventions. his revenge by killing Desdemona. It appeared at the beginning of the 19th century at a time when, for the first time, men from different nations were brought into contact by the Napoleonic Wars. He would Scottish border to the south of France. Students should point out that the characters belong to the country gentry; they deal with the codes and conventions of behaviour in a small community; money and property influence the way people treat each other; marriage, decorum and money are central themes; third-person narration is employed but characters are brought into existence through dialogue, which plays a central role; verbal and situational irony is employed. They are: gravity - Newton was the first to develop a theory of universal gravitation (see planets and orbits in the picture) -; optics, light and colour (prism, refraction, ‘rainbow’ effect); the three laws of motion; the theory of the infinitesimal calculus. Look at the first picture on page 80. Slavery, racial discrimination, sex discrimination and apartheid. 4th section (lines 13-14): The poet’s verse will In what sense did England become more ‘cosmopolitan’ during the reign of Henry VII? what the soldiers hung on it They hung helmets, heavy war-shields and shining armour (lines 3-4). How did Byron’s personality influence the Byronic hero? Because it always reminds men of the possibility of escaping from their earthly reality into the eternal world of art and imagination. What are the four things listed in each repeated second line? Death: He died in London after a carriage accident in 1729 and was buried at Westminster Abbey. State what taste characterised the novel in the second half of the 18th century. main representative: Daniel Defoe with his novel Green words: historical details Describe the decorations on the walls and what can be seen out of the window. One of the great institutions of English history which reflected the change in wealth that had taken place in the Tudor period with a shift from the medieval Church and the landed aristocracy to a rising middle class of small landowners, city merchants and the professions. Cerberus, the monstrous dog with many heads, a dragon tail and snake heads on its back, represents the dread of death. Easter and replaced them with days of fasting, conceits What does it show? 5th paragraph: He complains about the lack of tools, help and skill. Like a goddess, she was seen as ageless and thus eternal. Catholics who wanted to blow up Parliament and The female characters dress up as men to elope with their lovers (Jessica) and to attend the trial (Portia and Nerissa), and the least monetary valuable casket turns out to contain the greatest prize. Because a Mr Bingley coming from the North has rented Netherfield Park. Way of riding: easily mother, sister, brother, and his ‘true-love’ It also contained a secret agreement that would restore Britain to Catholicism with the military aid of France. Within the outer walls there were three tiers of roofed galleries, looking down on the stage, and the yard, or ‘pit’, where the poorer spectators, or ‘groundlings’, stood. 1st section: In 1810 George III became totally incapable of reigning and in 1811 his son George, the future George IV, was made Prince Regent. Explain the use of inversion and repetition. sea captains to explore new lands and look for main representative: Laurence Sterne with his 3rd section (lines 29-32): The climax of the story: the knight and the lady kiss each other. Give two reasons why it is still considered relevant. It means that mercy is not forced or constrained. What does he mean? He is paying homage to the king. How does the first act end? Tick as appropriate.Man’s pettiness. Venice. When the woman goes away, his head clears and, all at once, he gets angry with her for the emotion she aroused in him, for causing him to experience such fear. At this point there is a kind of insuperable distance between her and the viewer (Sir William). What is the role of nature in Coleridge’s poetry? medieval history. How did Alfred strengthen the defences of Wessex? How does Mr Bennet answer her? Sir Walter Scott. His heirs were his two Protestant daughters, Mary and Anne. He offers God to burn his books, which represent his knowledge. The first three stanzas are balanced by the last three stanzas. He hails the horrors of Hell (lines 9-10). The red dragon, which is the emblem of Wales, has the colour of rage and violence while the white dragon, which has the pale hue of death, is the symbol of the Saxon invader. They began to burn and cut down the forests, to grow cereals like wheat, barley or oats. Underline words and phrases linked to sorrow and fear in lines 1-5. Student’s activity. It was signed in 1670 in preparation for a joint war of Britain and France against Holland. He became popular in Europe thanks to Charles Baudelaire, who translated his tales, and Stéphane Mallarmé, who translated his poems and regarded him as a forerunner of the Symbolist movement. The poem contains a famous paradox, or apparent contradiction. The Book of Common Prayer, mainly prepared by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Cranmer. Both hero and heroine are involved in a journey towards self-awareness and self-knowledge. Doctor Faustus is a tragedy because it starts with the presentation of the positive status of the hero and ends with his downfall because of a poignant flaw of his. The narrative of Hastings was recorded in a When Keats died, he was hardly known outside his own literary circle, and even there it was taken for granted that his work was doomed to total neglect and obscurity. With the wind. The House of Lords was abolished and censorship was introduced. Recognise the poetic form of the prologue. English Plus Pre Intermediate Soluzioni Esercizi Entry Checker.pdf - Free download Ebook, Handbook, Textbook, User Guide PDF files on the internet quickly and easily. Did you know? He can shape his destiny through action. What solution does he find? He emphasised woman’s inconstancy and described several female characters, from the innocent girl to the woman who is aware of sexual pleasure. one of the most vivid representations of war in Why does Donne say that he should be concerned about each child’s baptism and each parishioner’s funeral in the church even if he doesn’t know the child or the deceased parishioner? Desdemona in her bed. section The hierarchy of existence was complete and closed and included: God as spirit, spiritual beings or angels, human beings, the animal kingdom, the plant kingdom, the material (inanimate) world. Parliament was purged of 370 Presbyterian The rhyme scheme is regular, ABABCDECDE, with some variations in the last three lines. The sounds in stanza II are soft and whooshing, like the movement of wind and water. In wild, secluded nature (lines 19-27). The poet does not praise God or offer Him his humble service, but goes straight to the point asking Him to be destroyed and made new. The dominant colours of the stained glass windows are red and blue. List the injustices and miseries inflicted on mankind mentioned by Hamlet in lines 15-19. Poet’s role: The poet saw his role as one of providing ‘social’ poetry with models of refined behaviour. C the one which reveals her political ability; 6. Why did the Wars of the Roses break out? and two of his daughters equally well to the Kings Wiglaf: sorrow, regret, sympathythe queen: sorrow, sympathy. Defoe concentrates his description on the primary qualities of objects, especially their solidity, extension and number, rather than on the secondary ones (colour, texture, flavour). what the woman looks like; She is wearing a bonnet which reveals a wasted face.

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